How do I register for my profile?

1- Click on the register Icon on the top right corner 

2- Select "Create account"  

3- Enter the correct information on the field

3- Click on "create"

*You will receive an email with instructions in order to complete your account activation.

Why register for a profile? 

When you register it allows you to add your address to your account and view your order history. It will save you time next time you're purchasing as you will not have to enter your address if you browse the website again using your profile.

Can't find an item I saw?

The item probably has been removed because it is no longer in stock.

Do I have to purchase items added to my cart?

No, you don't have to buy items added to your cart.

How do I add 2 or more of the same items to my cart?

Click on the plus sign "+" of your selected items to change the quantity.

How do I remove items on my cart?

Click on the minus sign "-"  of your selected item(s).

How do I unsubscribe to Trendsetterco mailing list?

You can scroll down at the bottom of our email sent to you and click "unsubscribe".

How do I check out as a guest?

Once you are done adding all your items to your cart

1- Click on "checkout"

2- Enter your contact information and billing address

3-  Click on on "continue to shipping method" then select your shipping method.

4- Click on "continue to shipping method"

5- Select your payment method and please verify that your payment information is correct. Then click on Complete order to finish.